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Private Wealth

Investment Advice

Our investment advice is tailored, specific and targeted toward achieving your particular financial goals in light of your tolerance towards risk.

With an array of market research at our finger tips and combined with our extensive experience, our clients can be assured that their funds are at all times maximised whilst protected.

Our investment offering includes:

  • Direct equities advice within the Australian share market
  • International investment options
  • Fixed interest portfolios
  • Exchange traded funds


Whilst often complex with changing legislation, superannuation continues to be the Government’s preferred method for Australian’s to save for retirement. We can help you develop innovative strategies to build wealth whilst taking advantage of substantial tax concessions.

These strategies may encompass:

  • A detailed review of your existing arrangements
  • Implementation of the most tax-effective contribution strategies, including the structuring of business contributions and management of the contribution limits.
  • Self-managed superannuation
  • Establishing beneficiaries


Have you considered the financial consequences of your death, disability or traumatic illness? What about if any of those events occurred to your spouse or a business partner? We offer specialist advice in relation to risk management and insurance. This advice is structured in a tax-effective manner and targeted to provide financial security to you, your family and your business.

Retirement Planning

Planning for a successful retirement may encompass many things, including financial security, sufficient income for your desired lifestyle expenses, access to capital for holidays, updating the car or helping out the grand kids, and importantly, peace of mind.

We understand that impending retirement can often seem like the great unknown. We aim to remove the uncertainty, concern and stress and help you make retirement an incredible time of fulfillment, enjoyment, adventure, community involvement and family.

We are committed to helping you throughout your retirement, to ensure that if there’s a change in your needs, the investment markets or tax legislation, you’ll know that you have the best possible strategies in place.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is about more than just preparing a will. It ensures your assets are passed effectively to your family or chosen parties and that your financial affairs continue to be managed properly in the event that you can’t manage them any more. In essence, we give you peace of mind that your affairs are in order, and minimise any potential complications for beneficiaries.

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